Log Cabin Houses – A Dream In The Woods

Log Cabin Houses – A Dream In The Woods

Once upon a time, log cabin houses were meant to be a home for people who worked near mines, or went hunting or stayed at the edge of the forest for similar activities. Today log cabins have become more of a holiday spot especially for those who love nature. Since most log cabins are situated near forests or near large green tracts of land, they afford a very good natural surrounding. Log cabin Houses are also made of natural material and exude a rustic air which itself is mostly appreciated by people who

are very close to nature.

Staying at the log cabin house can make you feel very close to nature not only because of the wood finish of the house but because of the chirping of the birds, the cool wind which blows outside as well as the smell of the earth. You are definitely not going to find these things anywhere in the center of Manhattan. Many of us may not even know it, but we have a strong bond with nature. If you like, you can choose from a log cabin house situated either at the edge of the mountains or close to a water body.
Palmako Kim Log Cabin Whiteout

The log cabin houses situated in the mountains are specially a perfect place for the nature lover. Not only is the view perfect and soothing to the eye it also provides an instant recharge to the body and soul. It has been scientifically proven that the colour green is a perfect recharge to stressed eyes and mountain air can clear up the dust and grime which you might come across in the daily city life. So if you are a nature lover and need to get a really excellent weekend holiday, just head to the log cabin houses and let mother nature take over the rest.

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Log Cabin Living

The Best Things About Log Cabin Kits

For people who wish to experience the goodness of living in a country-style home, they could easily resort to log cabins. These types of homes provide the kind of comfort and style that is totally different from the city.

One of the best things about building and using log cabins is that these types of homes provide inexpensive means of having a reliable and durable dwelling.

Since its inception in the 18th century, log cabins have continuously been utilized as alternatives to contemporary homes. These are especially utilized by people who wish to experience a more comfortable and more naturalistic way of living.

For this reason, many people are opting to build log cabins. However, most of the instruments and materials that are needed to build log cabins are often made available at quite a few diverse locations.

Therefore, as a substitute for finding and collecting the necessary materials from different places, log cabin kits are created to give you all the necessary materials and directions or manuals in just one package.

Buying log cabin kits will not only make your purchases easier and faster but it can also give you the chance to save more money because most of the materials that are bought individually would normally cost more.

With the proliferation of online shopping, you can easily find a workable log cabin kits in the Internet. The best thing about it is that log cabin kits that can be f

und online could provide better choice since you can easily compare and evaluate each kit first before deciding to buy the package.

Most of the log cabin kits are complete with materials and instruction manuals. Hence, you can easily start building your own log cabin. The only problem is that you still have to purchase your own additional materials for your electricity, water supply, and other features of your homes that are not normally included in log cabin kits.

Basically, a log cabin kit contains decks, exterior windows, interior roof framing, floor joints, roof framing, porch, logs, exterior doors, groove plywood floors, and floor joints. These materials are applicable whether you want to build a large or a small log cabin.

Advantages of Log Cabin Kits

Log cabin kits are not just built for the sake of having them. Log cabin kits are especially made to provide ready-made materials to log cabin aficionados who wish to build their own masterpiece. These log cabins provide many benefits that people will normally have a hard time acquiring when building their own home.

Here is a list of some of its advantages:

1. Complete package

As far as log cabin building is concerned, log cabin kits are complete with all the necessary materials. Each log cabin kit has its own instruction manual that consist of comprehensive directions in order to build the cabin correctly. It also contains the “tools supply list” that entails the additional materials necessary in building the log cabin.

Most of the log cabin kits also have the typical construction supplies such as beam hangers, nails, etc.

2. More savings

With log cabin kits, you can easily save more money because the materials are presented into one whole package. Buying these things separately will absolutely compel you to spend more because you do not only spend more money on the material but you also spend additional cost for the delivery and transportation.

Hence, you end up spending more than what you have planned. With log cabin kits, you can only spend in as little as $5,000. Additional expenses would only pertain to installation of electricity, plumbing, heating, and other lavishness.

3. Better quality materials

One of the best things about log cabin kits is that these kits usually contain the best kinds of logs. Most of the logs included in the log cabin kits are completely and naturally dried and patterned to the correct criteria. In contrast, most of the commercial establishments that offer logs would usually expedite the drying process, which, in turn, degrade the total quality of the logs.

4. User friendly

Log cabin kits are easier to use. In fact, because of its user-friendly features, almost anybody can build a log cabin.

Given all that, log cabin kits are definite advantage to most log cabin fanatics. All of these things will definitely make country-style living a great possibility.

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Lugarde Log Cabins

Lugarde Log Cabins

The phrase “log cabins” may bring to mind images of medieval buildings in Scandinavia or Eastern Europe, or perhaps old movie scenes depicting settlers in the American prairie.
But log cabins are still very much with us in 21st century Britain – as modern, luxury structures. They’re perfect for adding a unique look to your property while providing the ideal setting for a garden office or studio, family or teen den, home gym, or simply a relaxing hideaway. Many people love them as a standalone summerhouse.
And Europe’s leading manufacturer of luxury log cabins, both standard design and bespoke, is Lugarde.

Lugarde Log Cabins and Summerhouses UK

Lugarde has been producing beautiful, detailed and functional log cabins for more than 35 years. No company offers more models, more variety, more uses more customisation – or more quality. With the added advantage of free delivery anywhere in the UK on all Lugarde log cabins, summerhouses, gazebos, wooden garages, pavilions and even holiday homes, it’s understandable why their products are so popular.

Here’s an in-depth look at these distinctive, sturdy and multi-functional structures: the way they’re built, the types that are available, the many ways they can be put to use, the various models you can choose from, and all of the ways they can be customised or built to your exact specifications.
Get your imagination ready. By the time you finish reading about the advantages, uses and beauty of Lugarde log cabins, you may want to order more than just one.

lugarde log cabin

Modern Log Cabins

We’ve already mentioned the image that most people have of log cabins: old-fashioned buildings made from round logs or roughly-hewn notched wood stacked horizontally; rocks, mud or other daubing or “chinking” material holding everything together; and a flat or rafter roof made from logs and bark.
You may also be picturing a slightly more modern version of a log cabin, with clapboards covering the logs and plaster used as a daubing material. There’s a reason for that, because there are 20th century buildings which most wouldn’t recognize as log structures. For example, believe it or not, the Kremlin was actually built from logs and then covered by stucco; log construction was quite common in Russia for quite some time.
Fast-forward to today’s log cabins (often referred to as log homes), though, and you’ll see a very different type of construction. Solid milled logs, usually square in shape for easy construction and a uniform appearance, are firmly interlocked with tongue-and-groove systems to keep water and air out. The joints are then sealed with gaskets and plastic caulk, obviously creating a vastly superior structure to logs crudely fitted together as was once done.

Lugarde modern log cabin
Modern Corner Cabin Design

Among the woods normally used today by log cabin manufacturers in Europe and North America are cedar, white pine, hemlock, spruce, oak, fir or spruce. The choice largely depends on availability and desired look; Lugarde log cabins are primarily made from premium-quality, chalet-milled Northern European pine, which has been kiln-dried to “seal” the wood against moisture. Most manufacturers allow you to choose the thickness of the structure’s walls.
Roofs are usually framed with beams or lumber, decked with wide boards and then covered with shingles (although some prefer a more rustic metal or thatched roof, or very expensive wood shakes or tile), with insulation a smart option. A modern log cabin can have a flat roof, or one pitched at an angle of your choice; Lugarde offers a range of choices, although most of their cabins feature pitched roofs.
Here’s where we get to some of the aspects of today’s log cabins which are truly unlike their 18th and 19th century predecessors: doors, windows and other options. Your modern log home or building can have single, double and/or folding doors; double-glazed top-hung, casement, and fixed windows with ventilation grates (just to name a few of the choices available); built-in canopies or verandas, decorative posts or balustrades; and chrome or brass metalwork. Even the colours of walls, doors, floors and roofs are all options for modern Lugarde log cabins. They’re a far cry from the log homes we’ve all seen in movies.
The interiors of these structures can feel as rustic or as contemporary as you’d like. If your dream is to have a back-to-nature getaway spot with the natural ambience of an old-fashioned home, a log cabin can obviously fit the bill (we’re assuming, of course, that you’ll forego dirt floors). However, these structures can also accommodate every luxury you’d find in any other type of home: modern kitchens and baths complete with spas, WiFi hotspots and media rooms, energy-efficient air conditioning and heating systems – just because a log home can look authentically rustic on the outside, you don’t have to compromise on the inside.
You have three choices when it comes time to actually build your log cabin. You can hire contractors to build it for you, you can hire people to help you assemble the structure from a kit, or you can assemble the cabin yourself. It does take a little coordination and some time to do it yourself, but today’s kits are designed for home assembly with everything pre-cut and ready to go. Kits ship with complete assembly manuals and drawings (and there are plenty of YouTube videos that can help, if you want to see it done before you tackle the job yourself). All you’ll need are regular carpentry tools – and some patience. One of the great things about buying a Lugarde log cabin kit is that shipping is free, no matter how many heavy logs will make up your new home.
Log home kits have actually been around for more than 80 years, when an American company first began manufacturing and shipping them. But the art of creating a modern log structure ready for assembly has come a long way since then, and in Europe, Lugarde log cabins have led the way. Thousands of Brits now have a stunning log building on their property or even as a second home in the countryside, particularly with all of the customisation options and bespoke possibilities companies like Lugarde offer.

Types of Lugarde Log Cabin Structures

The first type of log building which comes to mind for most people is naturally the log cabin: functional, classic and available in a wide range of sizes. However, Lugarde manufactures five styles of log structure which will fit nearly any use you can imagine, or any need you may already have:
Log Cabins – most models are square or rectangular-shaped, although add-ons such as garages or verandas can customise their look considerably.
Summerhouses and Pavilions – these work perfectly as a centerpiece to any garden, yard or swimming pool area, and are available not only in square or rectangular shapes, but pentagonal or octagonal as well.
Holiday Homes – these full-scale homes can be placed on properties almost anywhere; in addition to providing standard models, Lugarde works extensively with customers to produce bespoke luxury holiday homes to their exact specifications.
Gazebos – any outdoor space would be enlivened by a stylish gazebo, and what could make more of a statement than a distinctive log structure, in your choice of colour, in the midst of your garden?

Lugarde Wooden Garages and Carports

– whether to match a Lugarde log cabin or home, or as a standalone building adding a touch of rustic class, a wooden garage is a lovely addition to a property.
All of these Lugarde log models are professionally manufactured in standard designs, in customised designs at your direction, or completely bespoke – with no additional charges. Of particular note is the best-selling Prima series of summerhouses; their unique system of corner post assembly makes it easier than ever to create a one-of-a-kind log structure which will let you own a summer house unlike any ever created. There’s no limit to what you can dream, or own.
lugarde garages
Uses for Lugarde Log Cabins and Log Structures

Since you’re already reading this article, there’s a good chance you already have a specific use in mind for a log cabin or other log structure. However, just to stimulate your imagination a bit, here are some of the many ways that customers have utilized their Lugarde log cabins, pavilions and summerhouses:
Guest room or house
Dining or “entertainment” room
Home office
Doctor’s office
Music room
Home gym or workout area
Hobbyist getaway
Children’s playroom
Outdoor changing area or pool shower room
Tool or gardening shed
General storage
Game Room
Sun room
Garage or carport
Holiday home
If you’ve come up with another unique use for a Lugarde log cabin or summerhouse, let us know and we’ll add it to the list!

Advantages of Lugarde Log Cabins and Structures

The growing popularity of log cabins has led to a large increase in the number of companies selling kits in Britain and the EU, and some of them are relative newcomers to the industry. That makes it more important than ever to take a complete look at the background and features of the log cabins you’re considering – and when you do, you’ll see that Lugarde has the clear advantage.
Their 35 years of experience have allowed them to move far beyond the simple production of log cabin kits, to create easily-customisable structures, unique designs and options not available from any other company. Just as importantly, the company has developed the ability to manufacture virtually any log cabin, summerhouse or other log building, thanks to their proprietary interlocking construction system using chalet milling in the corners, which also adds durability and strength. Their standard cabins are top-shelf, and no competitor can offer the type of bespoke log cabin design capabilities offered by Lugarde.
Lugarde log cabins are all built from quality Northern European pine, grown in ecologically-friendly, sustainable forests. The timbers are carefully kiln-dried (the best way to ensure that they won’t warp or crack) and optional colour finishes add another layer of weather protection to the entire structure. Tongue-and-groove flooring is made from the same kiln-dried wood (although durable Siberian Larchwood flooring is also available) and double-glazed windows are always used. Heavy-duty shingles are used for roofing material, and an elegant finishing touch of a chrome or brass-plated ridge cap (with your choice of bulb, weather witch or weather cock) is standard on all models.

Lugarde Construction
Lugarde Construction

The company handles all aspects of producing its log cabins, and deals in large volume, enabling them to keep prices as low as possible while maintaining a strict watch on the quality of every cabin or home.
It’s easy to see that Lugarde’s quality and experience shines through the entire construction process, and it’s why the company stands behind all of its products with a full five-year warranty for construction or manufacturing faults.
When you add in free delivery and easy assembly (thanks to the interlocking construction system) for all of Lugarde’s log cabins, their advantages over all other competitive products are clear.

Lugarde Log Cabin Models

We’ve mentioned that the company offers six different types of log structures, and we’ll be taking a look at all of them (albeit briefly for some of the simpler ones like carports). The most intriguing Lugarde products are their best-selling summerhouses (which they also refer to as garden log cabins), because of the innovative Prima design that’s used to build them. However, the company “made its bones” on manufacturing solid, sturdy and stunning traditional log cabins, so that’s where we’ll begin our tour of the extensive Lugarde catalog. Bear in mind that we’re only looking at standard log cabins; we’ll take a closer look at all of the custom and bespoke possibilities later in this article.

Log Cabins

It’s easy to say that any company offers a wide range of products. The truth of that statement when discussing Lugarde log cabins becomes obvious, though, when you realize that there are 44 standard models in the company’s catalog – and that doesn’t even take in account all of the customisation options available for each of those models. The enormous variety in sizes and features ensures that there’s a log structure for everyone.
Here’s a look at just some of the standard log houses that Lugarde manufactures.
Lugarde Barcelona Log Cabin: small in footprint, modern in look and traditional in design, the Barcelona comes in two sizes (2.5m by 2m and 2.5m x 3m) and would be a perfect garden office. It features a single 12-paned latched door, one top-hung window and a large, one metre front overhang.

barcelona cabin
Lugarde Barcelona

Lugarde Odense Log Cabin: a classic design from Lugarde with a “country cottage” feel. It is available in three sizes, both rectangular and square (all 3.5m wide, with lengths of either 2.5m, 3m or 3.5m) with an eight-pane double door and a matching casement window. Customisation can give it exactly the look you desire.
Lugarde Nebraska Log Cabin: this cozy-looking but roomy log cabin comes in three sizes: 3m x 4m, 3.5m x 4m, or 4m square. With full-paned double glass doors, two large full-pane fixed windows (with ventilation grates) and large eaves, it can easily be used for any function you can imagine.
Lugarde Bordeaux Log Cabin: an elegant 7m x 3.5m log house which is built in an “L” shape and is spacious enough to fit several needs at once, if you desire. There is a glassed-double door plus a second solid door, two fixed windows and two double tilt windows, and an internal wall which comes standard with the Bordeaux.
Lugarde Riga Log Cabin: similar to a small home in appearance, the 6.5m x 3m Riga comes standard with an apex roof, a glassed double door set to one side, and two tilt-and-turn windows with an outside canopy forming a natural veranda. Not only can this cabin be used for home offices or relaxation rooms, it would be perfect for guest accommodations.
Lugarde Kingswood Log Cabin: this dual-purpose log cabin is 7.5m x 4m in size, with one side built as a large outdoor covered veranda ideal for outdoor entertaining and the other a more standard enclosed structure. However, the enclosed section of the structure has a four-panel, glassed folding door which can either create more “outdoor” space or additional ventilation.
Lugarde Brooklyn Log Cabin: it’s easy to bring your garden into the 21st century with the Brooklyn model. It has large single-pane windows in its double doors, two outward-opening casement windows and two fixed windows on either side of the door. Glass simply dominates the front of this ultra-modern structure.
Lugarde Dubai Log Cabin: the Dubai looks as if Dorothy and Auntie Em are about to pop out of the front door onto the included veranda (complete with attractive design features like posts and balustrade railings). Measuring 5.5m by 5m, this log cabin has an eight-paned double door and two casement windows on either side. (A cyclone cellar for this model is not offered as an option.)

Lugarde Dubai Log Cabin
Lugarde Geneve Log Cabin: this structure comes standard with an attractive built-in 3m x 3.8m veranda, giving the 6m x 6m rectangular log cabin the appearance of an even larger “L” shaped building. The luxury cabin includes a solid paneled door, four casement windows and five fixed windows for lots of light and a modern appearance.
Lugarde Daisy Log Cabin: “Welcome home.” At least, that’s the feeling you’ll get when approaching this luxurious log home after it’s installed in your garden; it’s spacious (8.5m x 5.5m), welcoming (with alcove and glassed double doors, six casement or fixed windows to allow lots of natural light to enter), and functional (with an internal wall dividing the cabin into separate rooms).
Lugarde Bonaire Cricket Pavilion Log Cabin: with a distinctive design modelled after old-style English cricket pavilions, this stunning building is 8.4m x 5.5m and offers equal space both inside and out due to its full-length terrace veranda complete with attractive posts and removable balustrade railings. The standard features befit a high-end pavilion, with two four-pane folding doors and one three-pane folding door creating a wide-open feel, plus several outward-opening casement windows. This log cabin clearly will make a statement on your property.

Lugarde Bonaire Cabin
Lugarde Bonaire Pavillion

Lugarde Miami Garage and Garden Room Log Cabin: impressive and amazingly functional, the Miami provides the ultimate in indoor and outdoor living. The most unusual feature of this log home is the full-sized 8m x 4m garage complete with electric door opener; it’s attached to a large 4m x 3.5m garden room with two bi-folding glass doors (one opening to the veranda, the other to the outside), three fixed windows and an internal built-in wall. In front of the garden room is a large 4 m x 3.5m integral canopy. You can think of it as your “home away from home,” or just as a versatile garden cabin suitable for any use.
This is just a partial look at Lugarde’s 44 models of log cabins. If you’re in the market for a different-sized structure, one with different door or window, roof or flooring options, or any other type of look or feel – no worries. The customisation and bespoke options offered by Lugarde ensure that if you dream it, they can build it. We’ll address those options in full detail a bit later on.

Lugarde Summerhouses

It’s time to look at the most exciting products Lugarde now offers: its extensive line of Prima summerhouses, which they also refer to as garden log cabins. These 32 models of beautiful log structures, similar to gazebos, will complete the look and functionality of any garden, manicured lawn or landscaped property, swimming pool area or private retreat. They can also easily serve most of the uses for log buildings listed earlier in this article. (We say “most” only because we wouldn’t try using a summerhouse as a garage!)
Before getting into individual models, it’s first important to understand the revolutionary design of the Prima line. In essence, there are no nails or screws used in the construction of the log cabin’s walls. The “Prima 3=1” system, which was developed in-house by Lugarde, involves slotting the milled wall sections directly into corner uprights with the help of slide-in aluminum strips. This system not only protects against warping or cracking of the wood, but increases the durability of the building, better protects against the weather, and makes log cabin assembly easier than ever before.
As with all log cabins, slabs or concrete bases are required for summerhouses to ensure full stability; you have the option of treating the wood yourself once the structure has arrived, or you can opt to have the wood treated by Lugarde for an extra fee. As with all of Lugarde’s log homes and buildings, shipping is always free of charge.

The Lugarde Prima series includes the following types of summerhouses:

Octagonal summerhouses
Prima Grand
Fifth Avenue (pentagonal) Summerhouses
Six-corner summerhouses
Pyramid series (square or rectangular) summerhouses
Flat roof and oval Prima summerhouses, as well as other more unusual parameters, are also available either in standard models or through Lugarde’s bespoke log cabin services. And bear in mind that the company’s unique flexibility allows you to make substitutions or changes to almost every aspect of each model, including but not limited to doors, windows and interior structure.
It would be impossible to list every entry in each category, so we’ll take a look at the most popular Prima models.
PRIMA OCTAGONAL MODELS – 2.5 metre diameter
Lugarde Prima Vera Summerhouse: this compact eight-sided model is 2.5 metres in diameter with a sloping roof reaching a height of 270cm, providing a roomy interior without a large footprint. It comes standard with two large top-hung Georgian-style windows which open to allow breezes to flow through. It also has a single matching, latched door and a 10mm roof overhang. This is the most luxurious of the 2.5 metre octagonal models, largely because of the stunning windows and door.
Lugarde Prima Jardin Summerhouse: another octagonal garden log cabin with the same size and height as the Vera, this model is simple and striking but carries a smaller price tag. It has a single latched door and two waist-high non-opening windows, although other window styles (or additional windows) can be selected as options.

Lugarde Prima Jardin
Lugarde Prima Jeffrey Summerhouse: also a 2.5 metre structure with a 270cm roof height, the Jeffrey is similar to the Jardin but substitutes two longer, stylish non-opening windows as standard. As with all models, a thatched roof can be added at an additional charge.
Lugarde Prima Vienna Summerhouse: this version of the 2.5 metre Prima model features a more traditional yet still striking look; there are two top-hung waist-high windows which open for optimal ventilation, and a six-paned single latched door.
Lugarde Prima Leonie Summerhouse: this attractive, smaller garden log cabin is another choice with stunning Georgian-style windows, It has the same dimensions as the models already mentioned, but its single latched door matches the windows perfectly with 12 panes and a lower wood panel.
Lugarde Prima Andrea Summerhouse: the least-expensive choice in this category, the Andrea is not only functional but may actually be preferable for many garden uses. It features two half-open sides and an open doorway which allows for maximum sunlight and breezes to flow through your garden getaway spot. You can optionally add frames for the side and door openings.

PRIMA OCTAGONAL MODELS – three metre diameter

lugarde prima summerhouse

Lugarde Prima Louisa Summerhouse: a step up in size, this beautiful Prima model adds an extra half-metre in diameter and an extra 30cm in height to the models we’ve listed so far – and what seems like a small change makes a big difference in roominess. The Louisa comes standard with a set of large, windowed double doors and two casement windows which open outward.
Lugarde Prima Carolien Summerhouse: the octagonal Carolien has the very traditional look of a British garden log cabin, simple yet elegant, with two waist-high outward-opening casement windows and a latched double door. Of course, you can customise this (or any other model) with windows and doors of your choice.
Lugarde Prima Donna Summerhouse: this three metre summerhouse has almost a fairy-tale look, with two gorgeous, joinery-made casement windows which open outward in addition to a matching, latched double door (also with joinery-made frames). It will not only be a wonderful addition to your garden or yard, but a conversation piece.

Lugarde Prima Donna
Lugarde Prima Donna Cabin

Lugarde Prima Tessa Summerhouse: the Tessa will lend a modern look to any outdoor space, with two long, beautiful joinery-made outward-opening casement windows which run nearly from floor to ceiling. The matching single-pane double doors complete the look, allowing maximum sunlight along with the extra space provided by the three metre diameter and three metre roof height of this garden log cabin.
Lugarde Prima Sunshine Summerhouse: take the spaciousness and sun exposure of the Tessa, add stylish-looking details around the window and door frames, and you have the Sunshine model. The window styles are more traditional than with the Tessa in order to properly match the detailing, but there are still extra-long outward-opening casement windows and single-pane double doors to complete the look and feel.
Lugarde Prima Christina Summerhouse: this is in many ways the three metre version of the Prima Andrea: open, informal and the least-expensive in the category. This summerhouse has one fully-open wall and three half-walls, providing an attractive, sheltered rest or family spot for a garden or yard, or the perfect place for a picnic or outdoor dining table.


prima octagonal summer house
Lugarde Prima Chantal Summerhouse: the perfect garden retreat with extra space than the previously-listed models, the Chantal is 3.5 metres in diameter with a generous 340cm of roof height. It’s roomy, durable and open to delightful summer breezes with three closed walls, one completely open wall and four half-open walls.
Lugarde Prima Bella Summerhouse: depending on your colour choices, this model can almost be visualized as a gingerbread house in the garden or woods, thanks to its subtle yet elegant decorative roof moulding. Its extra width and height give this structure a solid look which is justified by its construction; there are two outward-opening joinery-made casement windows and a matching 12-pane double door standard on this luxury summerhouse.
Lugarde Prima Grand Lady Summerhouse: Prima Grand models feature different dimensions and features, but have one thing in common: their added style and elegance. The octagonal Grand Lady is 3.5 metres in diameter with a generous 340cm of roof height, and includes both the decorative moulding of the Bella and the stylish detailing around the window and door frames of the Sunshine. The two windows are joinery-made casement windows which open outward, and the latched double doors have 12 panes. The look and size of the Grand Lady could make it seem completely at home as an outdoor, formal sitting room.
Lugarde Prima Grand Four Summerhouse: Yet another step up in size, the Grand Four is (as its name suggests) a full four metres in diameter with the roof 350cm high. Its roominess allows for an entirely new level of possibilities, from entertaining clients in a home office to a comfortable game room. Standard on this garden log cabin are a pair of waist-high joinery-made casement windows (opening outward) and a 12-pane matching door with joinery-made frame.
Lugarde Prima Grand Six Summerhouse: If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably already guessed that this gorgeous eight-sided model is six metres in diameter; it also has an enormous roof clearance of 420cm. There’s very little you can’t do in this huge but wonderfully attractive log structure. It comes with two stylish casement windows joinery-made frames and matching frames on the standard double doors. A lovely decorative roof moulding completes the look.
Lugarde Prima Grand Seven Summerhouse: The most lavish of the Prima Grand models is – no, you guessed wrong – even larger than seven metres in diameter: a full 7.3 metres, with a roof height of just over five metres. Most customers use it as an extraordinarily roomy garden retreat, but it’s spacious enough to serve as a full, large guest room if you so desire. The two standard casement windows and double doors have joinery-made frames, although there are numerous options to design or upgrade this beauty just the way you’d like.


The Lugarde Prima Fifth Avenue summerhouse series features attractive, pentagonal (five-sided) log structures, all built to same exacting specifications as all Lugarde log cabins and all utilizing the groundbreaking Prima construction technique. There are six different standard models available (all with customisable options). They range from the “baby” of the line at 1.8 by 1.8 metres with a single door (best suited for use as a tool or storage shed), all the way up to the enormous 4.2 by 4.2 metre model, complete with peak roof height of 425cm, four double-glazed windows and a latched double door with double-glazed panes (perfect for a home office with spectacular garden view). The Fifth Avenue summerhouses may not have quite the fairy book look of their octagonal brethren, but are beautiful as well as functional and durable.

Lugarde Prima Fifth Avenue Summerhouse
Lugarde Prima Fifth Avenue Summerhouse


Lugarde offers a number of garden log cabins which don’t quite fit into any of their regular product lines, each with its own charms and unique features. For example, there’s the octagonal, four metre Royal Garden summerhouse with not only glassed doors and windows, but a skylight; and “odd-shaped” octagonal structures such as the Prima Rianne (3m by 2m), the Prima Josephine (4.45m by 3.85m) and the Prima Nadine (5.25m by 3.85). Additionally, square models like the Prima Charlotte (1.8m by 1.8m or 2.4m x 2.4m) and the Prima Demy (3.6m x 3.6m), and rectangular models like the Prima Michelle (3m x 2.4m) and the Prima Newbury (3m x 4.8m) each have unique design features like French-style or folding doors; open-front summerhouses with flat roofs like the Prima Julia (6.6m x 3m) have attached storage sheds providing both stunning outdoor dining areas and utilitarian areas. The Lugarde catalog of summerhouses couldn’t be more complete.

Lugarde Gazebos, Wooden Garages and Carports, and Holiday Homes

By now, you should have a very good feel for the type of quality log cabins produced by Lugarde – so we won’t waste a lot more space (or a lot more of your time) detailing the wide selection of gazebos, wooden garages/carports and holiday homes the company offers; we’ll simply touch on the subject briefly.
Lugarde log gazebos and lean-to verandas are, in many ways, similar to the company’s hugely-popular line of summerhouses. However, the gazebos are largely open to summer breezes with side and back walls and an open front with supporting posts. They can be used either as stand-alone structures or useful extensions to a home or log cabin, adding a beautiful look as well as added functionality.

lugarde wooden garages
Lugarde Wooden Garage

Lugarde wooden garages and carports are exactly what their names suggest. Again, they can be standalone buildings or attached; they come in sizes ranging from 300 x 500cm with a wooden, double garage door, separate door and windows, to 750 x 800cm with remote-controlled sectional doors, separate double doors and windows and an attached canopy.
Can a log cabin actually be a luxury holiday home? It certainly can, and Lugarde has eleven different models of log homes suitable for the purpose. Just as one example, you can purchase a gorgeous Lugarde luxury log cabin measuring 550 x 850cm, with a front double door, four fixed windows and two casement windows, and even one interior wall completely standard. Of course, a home like this begs for customisation, which we’ll discuss next.

Lugarde Holiday Chalet
Customised and Bespoke Lugarde Log Cabins

We’ve already mentioned the unique flexibility provided by Lugarde, both in terms of customising your log building and ordering fully bespoke structures. Here’s more of an in-depth look at all of the options you have when you design and order a Lugarde log cabin.

Lugarde Holiday Log Cabin
Custom Options

Even after you’ve chosen the model you want to order, there are plenty of choices still to be made. Probably the best place to start is with the logs forming the outer walls. You’re able to select the thickness of your cabin walls by deciding between 28mm, 44mm or 68mm kiln-dried Northern European pine timbers for construction (at no extra charge); you’re also able to decide between untreated wood, or treatment with one of four different transparent colours: light oak, white, green or blue-grey. This treatment (at an additional charge) will add an extra layer of weather protection to the wood, as well as a distinctive look for your log home. Foundation beams are always treated at no extra cost.
Now, we’ll head inside and take a look at flooring. Lugarde log cabins come standard with strong 19mm European pine floors (again, you can choose either an untreated floor or one treated in any of the same four colours available for the walls). If your heart is truly set on an old-fashioned approach, you can even order your cabin without a floor at all. The flooring comes complete with skirting boards and pressure-impregnated foundation bearers. Lugarde offers another flooring option: harder and denser Siberian Larchwood. Larch trees grow in very cold climates, making their wood firmer, more durable, and even more resistant to the effects of cold, snow and ice. The same Larchwood option is also available for doors and window casements.
While on the subject of interiors, many of Lugarde’s log cabins have customisable interior designs; just some of the changes you can make in standard structures are the addition or removal of interior walls, balustrades, and even a mezzanine floor for extra indoor storage space.
Your Lugarde structure will come with heavy-duty shingles to cover the decking (and insulation if desired) and the shingles are available in five colours: brown, black, green, blue or red. An option is offered here as well; you can choose a traditional thatched roof, although the thatching will have to be laid by an expert once the log cabin has been assembled. You can inquire about this option when ordering.
Finally, you’re given a choice of treatment for the doors and windows in your structure (untreated, transparent teak, opaque antique white or opaque dark green), and a selection of either brass or chrome metalwork for the fixtures used to build your cabin.

lugarde corsica
Bespoke Log Cabins

If that’s not enough to satisfy your needs, Lugarde is able to fulfill any manner of bespoke order imaginable – and does so for its legion of customers, every day.
All of the options mentioned above are in play when you design your own log house, but it goes much further than that. You can simply tell the experts at Lugarde what changes you’d like to make in one of their standard products, or you can create your very own design and have a fully bespoke log cabin manufactured for you – and there’s absolutely no extra charge for any extra design or implementation.
Want a larger-than-normal structure? Want to change the interior setup to add walls or other design elements? Want more doors or windows, or a veranda added on? A flat, apex, hipped or pent roof, or slate instead of shingles? Want an entirely different shape for your log cabin?
It’s not a problem – that’s a service Lugarde is happy to provide. Because they do all of the manufacturing themselves, they’re able to work with you to put together the structure of your dreams. That’s a service competitors simply can’t match.
So spend some time checking out all of the Lugarde log cabin designs, let your imagination go crazy, and let the company’s experts do the rest. Your ideal log building will show up at your doorstep, and you don’t even pay for the shipping.

UK Planning Permission Rules For Log Cabins

There is one important consideration before ordering a Lugarde log cabin. UK regulations on planning permission do limit the size and placement of any structure erected in your garden or yard. Here is a brief summary; bear in mind that regulations may differ in your area and can change from time to time. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s best to consult your local Planning Authority or consult the document “Planning – A Guide to Householders” which is available from the Planning Authority, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, or online. These are simply our interpretations, and should not be taken as legal advice. One note: a large number of Lugarde Log Cabins are specifically designed to adhere to the 4 metres and 2.5 metres regulations listed below.

You probably will need permission if:

Your property is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Listed Area or Building, or a protected conservation area.
The log cabin will be placed in front of your main property and less than 20 metres from the roadway.
The cabin will be taller than 4 metres, or taller than 2.5 metres if it is within 2 metres of your property boundary.
The structure will occupy more than half the space of your garden or yard.
The building will be used as a permanent residence.
The cabin is built on a raised platform, or has a balcony or veranda.
The building is meant exclusively for commercial use (home offices are generally allowed).
This is not to say that you aren’t allowed to have a log cabin on your property if your situation is described above – simply that you will need to receive permission from the local Planning Authority. In most cases, reasonable requests for construction are approved, as long as the structure will not affect neighbours or the overall appearance of the property. However, it’s always better to enquire ahead of time; if you do run into an issue with height, the Lugarde bespoke service will be a godsend, since you will be able to alter the dimensions of your cabin to fit the planning rules. For more planning information click here.

Lugarde Log Cabins: The Best Alternative

One of the comments you’ll often hear from people who’ve purchased a Lugarde log house is “It was the best investment I ever made!” Customers uniformly praise the sturdiness, longevity, utility, flexibility – and most importantly, the appearance – of Lugarde products. When you own your own Lugarde log cabin, you’ll understand why.

lugarde log garden cabin building
Lugarde Garden Cabin

Plastic Garden Sheds and Storage Boxes

Plastic Garden Sheds are becoming more and more popular as people have less time to spend maintaining garden equipment. A plastic shed will sit in your garden or yard exposed to the elements all year round, and come wind or shine they’ll never need a coat of varnish or paint and never ever rot ! At the most you might want to wash it down and hose it off now and again. They really are a buy then forget storage solution for anyone needing a bit of extra space to keep garden stuff or general junk you don’t have any room in the house for !
There are a number of manufacturers of plastic sheds in the marketplace today, namely Lifetime, Duramax and Palram. Each factory produces sheds with a different look, method of construction and price point. The leading and most expensive of these is Lifetime, followed by Duramax and then Palram.

Lifetime HDPE Plastic Prestige Shed and Storage Box Range

The plastic shed kits from US company Lifetime are super solid, high quality buildings made from HDPE for long lasting maintenance free performance. Traditionally plastic sheds have been thought of as being rather flimsy and unable to stand up to year round weather.
However Liftime have changed the accepted plastic shed rules. These sheds are built around a steel frame which gives the rigidity that’s essential to outdoor buildings that are pushed around by wind and in some areas heavy weights of snow sitting on the roof for prolonged periods of time.
Lifetime HDPE Plastic Shed

Building a Plastic Garden Shed


Installing a plastic shed from Lifetime couldn’t be easier. They are designed to be simple so that any person can erect the building in their garden or yard. You simply start with a hard level surface like slabs, concrete or a wooden deck, and then first of all construct the plastic no-slip floor.
Once the floor is in place have a little look at the parts list and start to build up the walls by slotting them into the channels within the floor. The wall panels then link together to be secured by screws. Once the walls are in place you can fit the gable ventilation and doors, plus any shelving that you’ve purchased with your shed.
Lastly it’s time to construct the roof of your shed, taking care to secure the roof and skylights well. Check the doors and locks work properly, and you’re done !

See the video below to see a Lifetime Shed being constructed from scratch:

Lifetime Garden Shed Features:

HDPE Plastic Outer

Tough HDPE plastic is wetherproof and maintenance free. It will never rot and will require simply cleaning to look at it’s best. The material is also double walled, giving excellent insulation and draft proofing inside the shed.
lifetime Shed Double Wall Thickness HDPE

No Slip Flooring

Every Life time shed is supplied with an integral floor with a non-slip surface into which the walls of the shed also slot.
lifetime shed flooring

Double Locking Doors

There’s no point having a storage shed with a narrow door. That’s why these models come shipped with outward opening double doors as standard. The doors have a padlock hasp fitted as standard to keep your shed secure from intruders.
lifetime shed locking double door

Lifetime Plastic Outdoor Storage Box


Lifetime produce these excellent storage chests that are really handy for storing away furniture cushions, pool gear or just plain garden junk !
These store boxes have solid hinged lids and wheels at one end making them strong and easy to move around. They also come with padlock hasps to keep your contents secure. They are available in 3 sizes: 300 Litre, 500 Litre and a 6ft x 3.5ft model.

300 Litre Outdoor Storage Box
lifetime 300L outdoor storage box

500 Litre Outdoor Storage Box
lifetime 500L outdoor storage box

6×3.5 Outdoor Storage Box
lifetime 6x3.5 storage box
Lifetime 6×3.5 Outdoor Storage Box
lifetime 6x3.5 storage bikes

Secure Padlock for Storage Box
lifetime storage box padlock

Low to NO MAINTENANCE storage in your garden or at work from a plastic shed……..

Lugarde Prima Fifth Avenue – Corner Summerhouses

Lugarde Prima Fifth Avenue – Corner Summerhouses

The Lugarde Pentagonal summerhouses take up less room in your garden by fitting into corner spaces. The Fifth Avenue comes in small (180 x 180cm) up to large (420 x 600cm) meaning there is a Lugarde Summerhouse for every size garden.

All models in the Lugarde Prima Fifth Avenue range are available with a flat roof meaning that you can place your summerhouse flush to your boundary as height restrictions for planning will not apply.
Standard features include:

Windows and doors with real glass
Pressure impregnated foundation beams
A choice of chrome or brass metalwork
A metal cap with a choice of weathercock, witch or brass or chrome plated bulb

A wooden floor is an optional extra and roof shingles are available in a choice of 5 colours: red, green, brown, blue or black.

Lugarde Prima Octagonal Summerhouse

Lugarde Prima Octagonal Summerhouse

The Lugarde Prima range of octagonal summerhouses are a beautiful and practical addition to any garden. The many size options mean that there is a summerhouse for you no matter how large a space you have.
Lugarde Prima summerhouses are available in 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 5m, 6m and 7.3m diameters and timber thickness of 28mm and 44mm.
You can also specify a roof material to suit your own tastes and surroundings with 5 different colours of shingle and a thatched roof option available on all Lugarde Summer houses.

lugarde octagonal summerhouse

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