Plastic Garden Sheds and Storage Boxes

Plastic Garden Sheds are becoming more and more popular as people have less time to spend maintaining garden equipment. A plastic shed will sit in your garden or yard exposed to the elements all year round, and come wind or shine they’ll never need a coat of varnish or paint and never ever rot ! At the most you might want to wash it down and hose it off now and again. They really are a buy then forget storage solution for anyone needing a bit of extra space to keep garden stuff or general junk you don’t have any room in the house for !
There are a number of manufacturers of plastic sheds in the marketplace today, namely Lifetime, Duramax and Palram. Each factory produces sheds with a different look, method of construction and price point. The leading and most expensive of these is Lifetime, followed by Duramax and then Palram.

Lifetime HDPE Plastic Prestige Shed and Storage Box Range

The plastic shed kits from US company Lifetime are super solid, high quality buildings made from HDPE for long lasting maintenance free performance. Traditionally plastic sheds have been thought of as being rather flimsy and unable to stand up to year round weather.
However Liftime have changed the accepted plastic shed rules. These sheds are built around a steel frame which gives the rigidity that’s essential to outdoor buildings that are pushed around by wind and in some areas heavy weights of snow sitting on the roof for prolonged periods of time.
Lifetime HDPE Plastic Shed

Building a Plastic Garden Shed


Installing a plastic shed from Lifetime couldn’t be easier. They are designed to be simple so that any person can erect the building in their garden or yard. You simply start with a hard level surface like slabs, concrete or a wooden deck, and then first of all construct the plastic no-slip floor.
Once the floor is in place have a little look at the parts list and start to build up the walls by slotting them into the channels within the floor. The wall panels then link together to be secured by screws. Once the walls are in place you can fit the gable ventilation and doors, plus any shelving that you’ve purchased with your shed.
Lastly it’s time to construct the roof of your shed, taking care to secure the roof and skylights well. Check the doors and locks work properly, and you’re done !

See the video below to see a Lifetime Shed being constructed from scratch:

Lifetime Garden Shed Features:

HDPE Plastic Outer

Tough HDPE plastic is wetherproof and maintenance free. It will never rot and will require simply cleaning to look at it’s best. The material is also double walled, giving excellent insulation and draft proofing inside the shed.
lifetime Shed Double Wall Thickness HDPE

No Slip Flooring

Every Life time shed is supplied with an integral floor with a non-slip surface into which the walls of the shed also slot.
lifetime shed flooring

Double Locking Doors

There’s no point having a storage shed with a narrow door. That’s why these models come shipped with outward opening double doors as standard. The doors have a padlock hasp fitted as standard to keep your shed secure from intruders.
lifetime shed locking double door

Lifetime Plastic Outdoor Storage Box


Lifetime produce these excellent storage chests that are really handy for storing away furniture cushions, pool gear or just plain garden junk !
These store boxes have solid hinged lids and wheels at one end making them strong and easy to move around. They also come with padlock hasps to keep your contents secure. They are available in 3 sizes: 300 Litre, 500 Litre and a 6ft x 3.5ft model.

300 Litre Outdoor Storage Box
lifetime 300L outdoor storage box

500 Litre Outdoor Storage Box
lifetime 500L outdoor storage box

6×3.5 Outdoor Storage Box
lifetime 6x3.5 storage box
Lifetime 6×3.5 Outdoor Storage Box
lifetime 6x3.5 storage bikes

Secure Padlock for Storage Box
lifetime storage box padlock

Low to NO MAINTENANCE storage in your garden or at work from a plastic shed……..